To use my knowledge and expertise to empower our community in the ...


A community where every child is our own and we embrace the collective ...


I’m a wife and mother of three graduates and one current student in the Rochester City School District. Two of my children had Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and received specialized services. I have an intimate understanding of what parents experience when navigating Special Education to help their children be successful.

In my professional life I have served as an advocate for families and youth for over 20 years. I work extensively in the areas of family engagement, empowerment, and community building. I’m nationally recognized for my expertise in the areas of mental health in communities of color, culturally responsive practice, family engagement, implicit bias, cultural brokering, community engagement and partnership building, racial trauma and healing. My two plus decades of work experience also include the areas of Education, Developmental Disabilities, and Community Health.

I believe that we, as a community, have the tools necessary to create an educational environment for our children that will equip them with the tools that they need to be well educated and ready to be fully engaged citizens of the world.