High Quality education for every child!! Every Child is Our Own!

My platform is

Culturally responsive Teaching and curriculum- Part of children being able to embrace learning they need to see themselves in what is being taught. Culturally responsive curriculum provides children with information on who they are and their role in the world. The culturally responsive teaching refers to how this information is delivered. Understanding that cultural difference in communication and learning styles is critical to creating learning environments that affirm our children and promote success. I will continue to champion this work and make sure that the pnaolicies.

School Climate- The work of the community Task Force on School Climate that culminated in a new Code of Conduct and a set of recommendations to improve the climate in our schools and end the school to prison pipeline. I will continue to champion this work and make sure that the policies and resources are in place to move this work forward.

Restorative Practices- Restorative practices are a critical component to eliminating the persistent disproportionality in discipline and suspensions of our children. Championing the work of Roc Restorative and working to ensure that the resources are available to fully implement restorative practices with fidelity across the district.

Special Education- Meeting the educational needs of all of our students in ways that inspire learning and prepare our children for success is paramount. For our families with children who receive specialized services this is done by making sure that children receive.

  • The right services
  • At the right time
  • In the right way

To do this we must partner with parents. For parents to be fully engaged partners they must receive.

  • Timely communications
  • Complete information on their child’s needs
  • Information on available services and supports to meet their child’s needs.
  • Information that is easy to understand
  • Education on the laws governing Special Education

I am championing these issues and will continue the work to make accessing Special Education services easier.
Social emotional supports- Part of educating our children for success includes meeting their social emotional needs so that they can be fully present in the learning. I will continue to work to champion the need for increased numbers of social workers and for them to receive training in culturally responsive practices. Also, I will work to increase training/educational opportunities for teachers, staff, and families on social emotional wellness and trauma to provide them with tools and skills to be more engaged partners in the wellness of our children.

Parent Partnership- Parents are critical partners in the education of our children and I will continue to work to provide opportunities to increase parent engagement and partnership through
• Increased opportunities for parent voice in existing work
• Enhanced parent educational opportunities
• Ensuring that the policies and resources necessary to increase parent voice are available and accessible.